To achieve our goals, Dermatological has undertaken multiple initiatives to improve the health literacy gap pertaining to skin health.
Educational Outreach

Dermatological advocates for improved access to skin health education and resources through our delivery of school presentations on various topics such as sun safety and acne, reaching around 400 students in Los Angeles. Through these visits, members can connect with the local community and have a direct impact on young students while simultaneously gaining experience with public speaking and education.

Sun Safety Initiative

Dermatological works with skincare brands such as Dermalogica, SpotMyUV, SunBum, and La-Roche Posay to promote sun safety. Through sunscreen stations across Los Angeles and pop-up events such as the Santa Monica Sun Drive in celebration of National Sun Awareness Day, Dermatological hopes to educate community members on how to protect themselves against the harmful consequences of UV rays on unprotected skin.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At general meetings, the DEI chair presents skin-related topics that promote skin inclusivity and also provide members about how skin conditions can present differently depending on the type and color of your skin. Through these presentations, Dermatological strives to emphasize the importance of understanding medicine with a diverse and inclusive perspective.


Throughout the year, the Dermatological Board hosts an array of workshops designed to foster career development and academic excellence. Topics range from crafting a standout resume to locating meaningful research opportunities, and even valuable MCAT study tips. These workshops aim to equip our aspiring dermatologists and medical students with the skills and insights necessary for success in their respective fields.


Dermatological aims to give back to the community and has volunteered for various organizations, including Project Angel Food’s kitchen which provides meals to disabled community members. Members have also participated in kit-packing events to assemble health-related items for underserved communities.

Skincare Spotlight

Through our Skincare Spotlights project, Dermatological members share their personal insights on various skin health topics in a digestible and entertaining format. Our topics range from our favorite products, our routines based on what season it is, and even our experiences with prescription medications. We acknowledge that one’s skin and it’s issues are highly individualized, and, through this project, we aim to initiate and normalize discussions about one’s unique skincare journey.

Our Honors

Through our dedication to providing crucial skin health education, Dermatological has received several honors within our first two years of establishment. Dermatological was given the Charles E. Young Humanitarian Award from UCLA in addition to the Good Skin Knowledge Grant from the American Academy of Dermatology.