Skincare Spotlight

This week, we will be featuring acne spotlights and members will be sharing their skincare journeys ~ The first acne spotlight goes to @hope.hayashida ✨

Member Engagement

Our Member Engagement initiative for the 2023-2024 academic year focuses on creating a vibrant community where each member feels empowered to contribute. Don't miss our upcoming events designed to ignite your passion for dermatology!

Fostering Community

We aim to create an inclusive environment where all members can connect, learn, and grow together. Join us for upcoming socials and workshops that celebrate our diverse community!

Educational Initiative

Dermatological advocates for the accessibility and access to skin health and other skin-related topics. Dermatological delivers this mission through the school presentations on sun safety and acne, reaching around 200 students in the local Los Angeles community. Through these visits, members can connect with the local community and improve their confidence in public speaking.

Sun Safety Initiative

Dermatological works with skincare brands such as Dermatological, SpotmyUV, and La-Roche Posay to promote sun safety. Through sunscreen stations across Los Angeles and pop-up events such as the Santa Monica Sun Drive in celebration of National Sun Awareness Day, Dermatological hopes to educate on the consequences of UV rays and the correct method of protecting one’s skin.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At general meetings, the DEI chair presents skin-related topics that promote skin inclusivity and also provide members about how skin conditions can present differently depending on the type and color of your skin. Through these presentations, Dermatological strives to emphasize the importance of understanding medicine with a diverse and inclusive perspective.


Throughout the year, the Dermatological Board hosts an array of workshops designed to foster career development and academic excellence. Topics range from crafting a standout resume to locating meaningful research opportunities, and even include valuable MCAT study tips. These workshops aim to equip aspiring dermatologists and medical students with the skills and insights necessary for success in their respective fields.