Our Story

Learn more about our club below.

A picture with our founder and current president

The Purpose of Dermatological

What is the club about?

Dermatological is UCLA’s first premier undergraduate Dermatology student organization comprised of students ranging from pre-business economics to pre-health, all united by a passion for skin health and skin hygiene education. Our main goal is to help bridge the skin health literacy gap in the greater Los Angeles area by providing accessible and digestible information and resources.

Our Work

How does the club accomplish these goals?

To date, Dermatological has educated about 9,400 students, adults, and healthcare community workers through our club-formulated curriculum approved by Dermatologists, including our Sun Safety and Acne presentations. Dermatological primarily visits underserved Title 1 educational institutions to build skin health and hygiene literacy skills early. We also participate in various outreach events, such as senior health fairs and kit-packing events to foster community relationships. Moreover, our partnerships with other organizations and companies help us achieve our goal of providing free resources to community members. You can find more information about our partnerships in the Partnerships tab of our site.

Our Core Values

What principles do Dermatological members value?

  • Acknowledgment of Health Social Disparities:

    Members are challenged to apply principles of their education within the classroom to the community to promote continuity of care. How can patients be encouraged to engage with their health treatment plans if they possess limited health literacy skills? How can we continue to monitor suspicious sunspots in underserved populations? By promoting cultural competency within our members, Dermatological challenges its members to engage in the shared decision-making model of healthcare.

  • Diversity in Dermatology:

    Unfortunately, in the field of medicine, physical examinations often default to a Caucasian model prototype. However, health risks – including skin concerns – affect people of all colors. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Committee reviews all Dermatological educational curricula to ensure that it is reflective of all skin tones and ethnicities.

  • Commitment to Community:

    Serving our community is a privilege, and Dermatological gives back to the Greater Los Angeles area through collaborations such as hosting leadership development workshops at the non-profit clinic Via Care in East Los Angeles, teaching self-formulated curriculum at our partner educational institutions across the county, and connecting with nearby community centers to educate the elderly on sun safety.


How can I join Dermatological’s mission?

At this time, Dermatological recruits new cohorts on an annual basis at the start of Fall Quarter. Our recruitment cycle consists of an info session, application, and interview by invitation. Demonstrated interest is also taken into consideration. The 2024-2025 recruitment timeline will be released leading up to the new academic year.